~ Vacation Drop In Care ~

Mountain Top Child Care daily drop in programs for children visiting the Estes Park area.

Daily Drop In program for ages 2 1/2 ~ 12
Hours: *Monday through Saturday 7 am to 5:30pm

  *See our Kid's Night Out Page For Evening Hours!* 

*Please refer to our Rates, Hours & Location page for dates of operation.

This is a great way for parents to get out and do some exploring while the kids do some exploration of their own. Our program includes fun, hands on educational activities designed to foster curiosity, knowledge and respect for the natural environment. Supervised, guided trips to age appropriate, Rocky Mountain National Park destinations, make learning enjoyable and memorable. Meals and snacks are provided by Mountain Top Child Care. 
Call Ahead For Availability (970) 586 - 6489
       * Please refer to our RATES, HOURS &           LOCATION page for dates of operation.
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