~ Preschool / School Age  ~

Mountain Top Preschool and Child Care operates state licensed and accredited Preschool and School Age Programs.
Our preschool is divided into three classes, based on age. The, "Owls" classroom is comprised of 2 1/2 and 3 year old children while our, "Bears" classroom is a pre-kindergarten program, designed for 4 and 5 year old children. The School Age program is for our 5 ~ 12 year old children, who need supervision after school and on school closure days. Working closely with parents, staff strive to create an individualized education plan that will prepare children for school educationally, socially, culturally, and emotionally. Our mission and philosophy statements are available on our, "About Us" page, for your review. A more comprehensive explanation, of each classroom, is given below.
A few of the, "Locals" stopping by the preschool for a visit!
Our, "Owls" classroom is tailored to meet the educational, social, physical and emotional needs of our 2 1/2 and 3 year olds. A state certified, preschool teacher works with children to instill a basic knowledge of numbers, letters, colors and shapes. We also teach basic, practical spanish. For non-english speaking students, we provide instruction, in english so that children are able to easily transition into kindergarten. In addition to the academic curriculum, the teacher and her aides offer activities and exercises that will help the children to develop their fine and gross motor skills. To create a well balanced, learning environment, staff model and explain appropriate, social skills. These lessons are incorporated throughout the day, as children work in groups and teams. Finally, we work with children to help them understand and manage their emotions. The teacher and her aides, encourage children to express their feelings in an open and honest manner. This is done in a secure nurturing and non-judgemental environment that builds confidence and self awareness.
Our, "Bears" classroom, is a pre-kindergarten program, in which a comprehensive, academic curriculum is administered by a state certified, preschool instructor. Working in conjunction with the Estes Park, R3, school district, we strive to prepare children for the academic, social and emotional demands and challenges that they will face, in the public school system. Our staff present educational material, using a variety of techniques, to accommodate the learning styles of every child. In this manner, we are able to provide an individualized educational experience, through which each student can obtain the greatest sense of achievement and personal satisfaction. In addition to helping students achieve the required aptitude, in the prescribed academic disciplines, we endeavor to instill a passion for knowledge and a sense of curiosity that will last a lifetime. We also teach basic, practical spanish. For non-english speaking students, we provide instruction, in english so that children are able to easily transition into kindergarten.
For our school aged children, we match their ability to accept more responsibility with a set of activities and exercises that will promote independence and leadership. We work with parents and teachers to develop strategies, for each child, that are consistent with those that are in place at school and at home.
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