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Dear Parents and Guardians,

     Placing your child in the care of someone, other than yourself, is an act that implies the highest degree of trust and faith. We can not adequately emphasize the gravity and humility, with which we regard that extension of trust.
     Below are two documents that we offer as a testament to our ethics and beliefs. More than mere words, these are the core values that govern the manner, in which we provide care for the children who are entrusted to us.
     In return for your trust, we vow to treat your child with unconditional respect and love. We pledge to provide an environment that is safe, nurturing and positive. We promise to do our best to offer an experience that is enlightening, rewarding and memorable. 
     We welcome any questions that we may be able to answer, to alleviate any concerns that you may have. Parents are welcome to visit our programs at any time that their child is in attendance. Your comfort and your child's well being are always our highest priorities. 


John and Jodi Ayotte


Mountain Top

Preschool and Child Care


At Mountain Top Preschool and Child Care, our mission is based on the premise that every child is a special gift to the world. We believe that each individual possesses skills, talents and characteristics that, when nurtured, will allow them to grow into happy, successful and contented adults.

Given the above beliefs, Mountain Top Pre School and Child Care strives to work, in conjunction with families, to provide each child with the tools necessary to cultivate and develop their unique gifts. We will work diligently to learn each child’s needs and preferences so that we may customize and individualize our services, to the greatest possible degree. With the support of parents and other care givers, we will assist every child to discover their interests and passions. We will guide them in such a manner that they may explore their world in a safe, secure and predictable environment. As opportunities present themselves, we will support the child to help them face challenges and make sound, positive decisions. We will aide them to assess the outcome of those decisions in a loving, supportive and nonjudgmental fashion.

We will strive to instill a sense of self-confidence and self-worth, by providing opportunities for achievement and success. We will encourage children to ask questions and to take calculated and appropriate risks. In all of our endeavors, we will foster behaviors and ethics that reflect the highest standards of character.

We understand that the beliefs and practices that children adopt, early in their lives, determine who they will be as adults. Helping to shape those beliefs is a responsibility that we take very seriously and with the greatest humility.

We promise to always act in a child’s best interest and in a manner that will help them to realize and maximize their potential.

Jodi Ayotte

Mountain Top

Preschool and Child Care


As child care givers, we strive to meet the personal, social, emotional, educational and physical needs of every child. Since each child is a unique and special person, the manner in which we provide services, needs to be as individualized as possible. To that end, we work with families and other care givers, to learn about each child’s home environment and customs, likes and dislikes, and educational needs. Based on that information, as well as the child’s developmental level, we create a care plan that is targeted and exclusive to each individual.

We strongly believe that children flourish in an environment of love and unconditional regard. As such, we establish relationships with each child, founded on mutual respect, genuine concern and understanding. Through positive reinforcement, support and encouragement, we foster a sense of self-worth and achievement. These are the building blocks for future, personal satisfaction and success.

Educationally, every child has inherent strengths. By determining the child’s learning style and preferences, we are able to customize the manner in which we present the curriculum. This provides the opportunity for the child to exploit their strengths to the fullest. This concept also allows children to excel and overcome, in areas where they experience challenges. Going beyond the expectation of simply preparing children for kindergarten, academically, we work diligently to give each child a head start, socially and emotionally, as well as educationally. It is our goal to provide children with more than a basic education. We strive to foster a passion for learning and discovery that will last a lifetime.

As children grow, they assume increasingly integral roles, within their respective communities. Their sense of involvement, commitment, accountability and civic duty will be reflective of their personal character. Through a formalized regimen, of character education, we work to instill a set of values that inspire respectfulness, kindness, modesty, generosity and empathy. We believe that strong, personal character is paramount, to a person’s sense of self-respect and self-worth. These two elements are essential, in the pursuit of a happy, rewarding and fulfilling life.

Jodi Ayotte

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